Personal image and Lifestyle evaluation

Your image and lifestyle evaluation will let you know your current status of image quotient.  Further the image management sessions worked upon will help you raise your image quotient. You will be well versed with your body shape and techniques to contour it. The color palette which suits your image.  Wardrobe and personal style session will help you maintain your unique image identity for the roles and goals in life. At the end of session you will learn the language of clothes and what message your appearance is depicting through your image.

Wear your colors

Colors play a crucial role in looking attractive. One has to be in color harmony which is a factor of first understanding your personal colors of skin, eyes and hair and then the fashion colors to accentuate personality. This session will help you know your colors and add more interest to your wardrobe and life.

Wardrobe Evaluation and Art of clustering

All of us have wardrobe orphans, Clothes that we buy but never wear because they do not work for us. This session includes wardrobe assessment to understand what works and what doesn’t for you and why. Art of Cluster concept will help you get more variety with lesser expense. A shopping list is then created which is just right for you.

Personal styling

While it is important to be appropriate to your roles and goals and attractive to look at, it is also equally important to project an image that is the real you and not a version of someone else. Each individual has a personal style based on their values and traits. However it is involved process to identify the same. This session includes personal style evaluation and then recommendations on presenting the image which is authentic.

Personal shopping

A smart shopping experience, which guides a client on what, is right for him or her. The client is accompanied after a pre-shopping analysis and taken to the right places, which sell what the client needs taking few facts into consideration like the occasion, budget and the personal style of the client. This avoids impulse shopping and future wardrobe orphans.

Personal Grooming, Etiquette and Body language

As powerful appearance and confident image in personal, Professional and social area is a necessity in today’s arena, we groom you with right etiquette, body language and personal grooming sessions. Expert advice of image consultant for latest brands in personal grooming, skin care and hygiene will be provided, along with a personalized shopping experience.

Styling Brides and Grooms

We help you find the perfect wedding outfit, the dress, the bridal trousseau and the best fitting suit – ensuring that you look flawless. We are also happy to help you find the perfect attire for the bridal party, parents, and extended family. On the D day, we dress you, press you, and send you down the wedding isle, looking picture perfect.