Choice and Consequences

Choice and Consequences

When you choose to drive, you will have to accept traffic and traffic jams. When you choose to be a doctor, you will have to empathise with pain and accept occasional death. When you choose to be a public figure, you will also face public criticism. When you choose to be health – conscious, you will have to forego being tongue – conscious, you will have to forego being tongue-conscious. There is always a trade – off.

Anything you choose in life comes along with its own inherent positives and negatives. Everything about life is an integrated package . It’s stupid to search for a rosebush without thorns. There is always a trade- off.

Bigger the ambition, greater the issues. Lesser issues when you choose to walk. Greater issues if you want to run the marathon. Unless you are willing to be chiselled, you cannot become the altar that’s worthy of being worshipped. If you refuse to be chiselled, you will become a flooring marble.

There is no easy way to the top. And, those who made it to the top didn’t make it easy. The difference between a history maker and a history reader lies in your willingness to brave the trade- offs…

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